Right place, right time!

Arrival at the right place.  To leave again…

“The boat that is held in port does not learn to sail.”

My last few days on Newfoundland and its coasts were quite an epic!  Rejected on the mainland by the big commercial ferries, I had to find another way to leave the wonderful island to reach another one.  And that opportunity came from Friendship!  A couple of friends offered me to cross to Nova Scotia on their sailboat!  But I still had to get to their anchorage… which must be ‘Francois’, a small coastal village somewhere in the south.

My ‘peregrinations’ continued through roads, boats, other roads and other boats…  This allowed me to discover an even more beautiful Newfoundland!  A bit like when I did the North coast from Kegaska to Blanc-Sablon by boat, I discovered old small villages that are only accessible by sea, enclosed in bays, overlooked by magnificent mountains!  At times it was as beautiful as New Zealand!  Newfoundland is an island.  And discovering it by sailing is quite different from pedaling!

I leave you this photo story to better judge this very beautiful stage of my last days in Newfoundland…

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