Thank you for your donations !

Merci pour vos dons


A word of thanks and my donation to Répit-Jeunesse.

My adventure officially ended on October 24, 2021 !

It was time to conclude this adventure with the handing over of the donations raised on the GoFundMe platform for the Victoriaville Répit-Jeunesse organization.

With no knowledge or experience with media other than my Facebook pages, I managed to raise an amount I am very proud of !

You gave a total of 3500$ !
3380.20$ was given to Répit-Jeunesse.

Throughout the end of my trip across Canada, the funds were given regularly, from June to November, to Répit-Jeunesse.

You are the authors of this success.  And I thank you deeply.
I would have liked to have seen a more spectacular presentation of the funds, but given the pandemic circumstances, it was difficult to make it an event.

In these difficult times, homelessness has remained on the rise and issues of social exclusion are more intense to deal with.  For sure, these amounts of money have been an appreciated support for them as well as for me, who has seen your interest in my cause and for all the efforts I have put in to complete this long journey through my interior country.

Thank you all again for your donations !

Words of Thanks from Répit-Jeunesse.

Répit Jeunesse would like to highlight the determination and exceptional support of Julie Aubin. For those who did not have the chance to follow our adventurer on her journey, Julie crossed Canada from West to East for the benefit of Répit Jeunesse. Her journey began in March 2021 and ended over 10,000 KM later in September 2021.

Such a fundraising event is “oh so” important for an organization such as Répit Jeunesse. This large-scale adventure, full of daily challenges, which Julie met with brio, allowed us to raise $3,500.
In concrete terms, this help allowed us to offer a little warmth to people experiencing homelessness during this icy winter. Homelessness has increased considerably in recent years and is increasingly visible on our territory. Although for many people it is natural to have a roof over their heads, a shower and three meals a day, the reality is quite different for many people. It is thanks to the passion and dedication of people like Julie that we are able to offer a little extra to those who need it.
2021 was a big year for RJ. In fact, in addition to our existing services: street work, School, Café and Day Centre, we have set up a shelter unit, drop-in centres, a shower and a laundry service. It was in this context that we met Julie who came to present her project and asked if Répit Jeunesse was interested in joining this adventure. Without hesitation, we embarked on the inspiring and exceptional adventure of cycling 10,000 km.
It’s very touching to see how much people can be in solidarity with our cause and to be able to see, on the ground, the direct impact of such a commitment on people’s lives. An additional $3,500 to improve our services is not insignificant, homelessness is never fun, but thanks to people like Julie, we can offer that little bit more. In my name and in the name of the entire Répit Jeunesse team, 3,500 times THANK YOU Julie and good luck in your future adventures.

Benoit Goulet
Executive Director, Répit Jeunesse