Women’s food

Feeding myself

It’s 9pm, I don’t know where I’m going to camp tonight…

After 120km of flats, climbs and descents on my own, I arrived in a beautiful tourist town on the river called Baie-Saint-Paul and I am recognizing the need to take care of myself…

Food is a must…
Here! A good restaurant calls out to me. And it’s called ‘La Batture’ !
Why not !  I feel like feeding myself with a bit of luxury !
To celebrate my solitary moment of physical overcoming by embracing this opportunity of western culinary richness !
As I don’t know where I will pitch my tent tonight and as I leave this restaurant I will be homeless, alone and vulnerable in the dark of this late June night, I fully savour this moment when, seated at a table, I feel secure, proud and female !

I thus begin what I could consider the second part of my journey. After a break in the Montreal area, a visit to Victoriaville at Répit-Jeunesse and finally some time in the beautiful Quebec City area, I am now climbing other beautiful mountains, those of Charlevoix. The presence of the water of the St. Lawrence River nourishes me in a different way than the absence of the Plains. And I hope to go back to the source of this road…

Thank you for continuing to follow me!

Tonight I’m getting a $200 room !
I slept in a city park… Haha ! it’s still crazy life !

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