Comfort zone

Travel, adventure, nomadic life is a way of life that feeds my soul, my mind and my heart!

I am in my comfort zone and this helps me to reduce the symptoms of post-concussion syndrome !

The stress of a life that doesn’t suit me is behind me.
It feels so good !

It takes me back a few years and makes me realize that :
for all healing, no matter what the trauma, illness or even depression, the minute we are on our life path or doing what we are passionate about, we accelerate our healing.

It’s a safe bet that if I had gone through the government’s head injury program, I would still be on the treadmill three days a week.  I’m so lucky to have the great scenery flash before my eyes and to feel my legs burning up from the miles of asphalt !

Nature, the outdoors and intense exercise energise and nourish me. I have more stamina than I used to, but when my body gives me a signal, it is sometimes impossible to keep going…  So I have to manage my energy carefully; keep hope alive with realism.

Still on my way in the Rockies, the challenge is great, of course…  And pushing a bike through two feet of snow is extremely difficult !  However, an inner music accompanies me and the intense happiness that this adventure gives me helps me to continue despite all the physical pains.

The mountain marmots

Deux marmottes en bordure de la route

First week of our crossing of Canada.

Adaptation is the word that sums up the intensity of these first 8 days !  Quite a start to the journey… 502 km in the mountains !  Several climbs that took us to an altitude of over 1000 meters !

Moreover, two people who don’t know each other very well and the challenge of creating a common adventure make this trip intense on all levels !
The muscles have to adapt, our body tries to become one with this vehicle of evolution which is the bike !
The beauty of the landscapes and the intense cold force us to integrate everything in this challenge.

As we are still in the winter season, many beautiful small roads are closed, so we had to bypass some of them !
This created a delay of 2 or 3 days on the planned route. I was still curious about the unexpected and fortunately Frédéric, my travel friend, got on board with my delirium !

Here we are in Osoyoos, a desert in Canada.
We take a short break for a few days to regain our strength. I had a health problem that forced me to rest for a few days (nothing too serious, but enough to stop) and we have to repair Frederic’s bike so that it will be safe for the next 3 weeks in the mountains. His brakes completely failed a few days before we arrived in Osoyoos !
Today we are enjoying a beautiful sunny day on a terrace and we think of you who motivate us day after day!
Thanks again to all of you for your virtual presence !

We’ll talk again in a few days when we’ll be in Nelson.

In transit

Hello, you may have been wondering where I disappeared to!

After a start full of twists and turns, I will soon be ready to hit the road.

When I arrived in Vancouver, I knew right away that I would need a moment to recover from the stress of the departure and the weather gave me its blessing by serving me several days of torrential rain that made riding a bike very difficult and long distances impossible.
It allowed me to meet a cousin I didn’t know, who is based in Victoria on Vancouver Island. I really enjoyed meeting her.

Then I found myself on a beautiful beach after a long day of cycling, the freezing wind was blowing very hard… As I was about to sleep under the shelter of a picnic table, I met Woody and his 14 year old autistic son William… They welcomed me very warmly in their environment. I was able to put my tent under cover and enjoy their pleasant presence. A beautiful friendship was established…

Then a few days at a friend’s place on the island of Gabriola!
Now that I’m well rested, I’m finally ready to head into the mountains and slowly make my way east.
My heart is filled with joy just thinking about the road, the bike and getting drunk on this wonderful landscape.
Thank you for continuing to follow me.

Goodbye Grandmother

My grandmother ! This woman who fascinates me day after day.

It took me many years to finally be known and recognised by you ! You are an important woman to me…  I had the chance to live with you, to love you, to cuddle you and to live in intimacy with you. We have shared beautiful moments and it has been an absolute joy to be close to you; me who has always loved you.

Today, I came to see you just before I left, before leaving to live this longed-for adventure. You were there, present during this difficult moment of my concussion; we were on the same wavelength: me with my head trauma, and you, a beautiful aging woman, with all the difficulties that this can involve. Luckily we had this third woman, my mother, who supported us in our difficulties.

Today I am leaving this room, where you now live alone; I am leaving with a heavy heart, but happy to have had you close to me in order to know you better in order to know myself better.

I leave with a lot of you in me and a lot of understanding of myself. Thanks to you. You are now 96 years old and maybe this will be the last time I will have seen you… you may not be there when I return !

I love you Grand-Ma !



Sports aux Puces - Vélo Gare Granby

Small and big helpings well appreciated.


Sports aux Puces - Vélo Gare Granby

I would like to thank Sport aux puces Vélo Gare de Granby.
A place that listens to the needs of their customers. The consultants are passionate and knowledgeable.
They recognized a great project and helped me out with a few donations and the loan of a GPS to map my route. This help is invaluable to me.
Thank you once again.


Costour Costa Rica

Thanks to Yves ‘Pepito’ Malette for this fun and well thought out interview. It helped me gain confidence in myself a little more, especially in terms of media communication.


Archambault Photography

Thanks to you dear Jean-René, this project became a reality thanks to your great talent which allowed me to create a website that reflects my project, my expectations and my personality.


A pretty mushroom! Good or bad?

In 2021, to my challenge of cycling across Canada will be added the challenge of doing so in times of pandemic!

By default, cycling necessarily implies good distancing. I will almost always ride alone, unless I have company for a few kilometers. Of course, I will have to ride with a few humans out of necessity, but be aware that I am well aware of the current health instructions, that I will keep abreast of the evolution of the situation and that I respect the rules that allow us to live in safety and mutual respect.

Far be it from me to be an ambassador for the spread of this disease!
On the contrary, my journey is one of recovering the health and healing power of body and mind, as well as resilience and social solidarity.

Newfoundland (2019)

The end of the world… almost !
Newfoundland is Canada’s only island province. Unique !
You might say that there is also Prince Edward Island or even Nova Scotia… but aren’t they connected to the land by a bridge or a good strip of land ?
Newfoundland, by plane, boat or pedal boat !
It’s worth the trip !

In 2019, I travelled it in duo and cyclo-camping.