Long Resourcing Trek

Hello everyone!

I’d like to introduce you to my new project!
In fact, I should say our new project!
I’m leaving with Oceanna for a 2300km hike on the Appalachian Trail.

Start : Fort Montgommery, New York State, USA
End : Parc Forillon, Quebec.

Oceanna is a very intelligent and sensitive 16 year old girl. She has a good heart and loves to help others. Sadly, like many disillusioned young people, she has lost herself in a behavioral whirlwind. She accumulates failures on a personal level as well as in her relationships with friends, lovers and parents. She has not been in school for a few years. Oceanna has a difficult inner life and does not seem to find motivation for a future and/or an independent life that will fulfill her in her adult life. She has a few suicide attempts under her belt and several behavioral problems that lead her to depression and delinquent behaviors that are dangerous for her and her loved ones.

After receiving news from Oceanna that overwhelmed me, I decided to leave everything behind and officially organize this therapeutic adventure. I am doing a project that brings together my academic learning, adventure life experience, and personal life experience and use them to create a program to help people in need through adventure. I have been working for several years on both a personal and physical level to finally be able to do exactly what I love in life while helping people in need.

As I am doing this project completely voluntarily, I will be raising funds to pay for the minimum of my mandatory payments.


We will feed the site with our photos, videos, thoughts and experiences throughout this adventure!

Thank you for supporting us both morally and with your comments.

2 Replies to “Long Resourcing Trek”

  1. Wow quel beau projet!! Déjà Hate que tu nous racontes cette aventure Oce!!

    Rien de mieux que passer du temps en nature pour se ressourcer.

    Guillaume, Monica & Alex

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